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Air Duct Cleaning

For twenty years our team of experts has set the standard in commercial duct cleaning. Utilizing the industries most advanced equipment and our own proven protocols, our certified and experienced mechanical hygienists remove contaminants from your air delivery systems by eliminating them at their source.

Along with the removal of excessive debris from ductwork and the cleaning of ceiling plenums, this usually involves the inspection, and if necessary, the repair of damaged surfaces and substrates, cleaning of coils and drip pans and the examination and replacement of filters.

Our exclusive robotic technology can be outfitted with air or spray lances and whips or brushes. The air lances and whips break up dirt and other contaminants. The brushes are applied for “full-contact” cleaning” of rectangular and round ducts. Spray lances are used for the application of corrective coatings to damaged surfaces.

You have right to be concerned about your air delivery system. A dirty system is more expensive to operate and its performance is degraded, making it more costly to operate. In addition there are serious legal and health concerns associated with them. Dirt and debris may harbor fiberglass and other hazardous particles that will contaminate your facility’s indoor air, while moisture buildup, left uncontrolled, may cultivate and amplify toxic mold and other pathogens, creating a potentially unhealthy environment for the occupants of your building.

Improve the indoor air quality of your building, reduce your legal risks and save on your energy costs. Once we eliminate contaminants, debris and potentially hazardous particles and microorganisms from your air delivery system we can initiate a proactive air quality monitoring system to continually confirm that all adverse air conditions within your building remain corrected and that your indoor air pollution sources are controlled. It’s the best solution to your indoor air quality needs.

It’s thorough, reliable and cost-effective!

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