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Indoor Air Quality

Our team of experts IAQ Investigation strategy is sophisticated in its execution but simple in its design…identify problem sources, make an accurate diagnosis and design the appropriate response. Our process emphasizes detailed inspection, air and surface sampling and follow-up analysis. Typical test procedures include airflow, component resistance, temperature, humidity, and surface samplings within all HVAC ductwork as well as within the overall building envelope with follow-up sample analysis performed by an accredited laboratory. We also conduct performance evaluations on air handling systems and components to ascertain whether all systems are operating within accepted industry standards.

We pay close attention to details. Our inspection and analysis draw upon the most advanced technology available, including remote controlled robotics, laser particle counters, endoscopic imaging, fiber optics and microscopy. The data we acquire during our inspection is compiled into an easy-to-read report suitable for presentation to facilities managers, boards of directors, or other committees responsible for the operation and safety of your facility. The report includes the findings of an accredited laboratory of the various samples we have taken from the site.

As part of our report we also provide you with recommended protocols to remediate any problems discovered during the investigation.

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