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Toxic Mold Cleanup

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Mold and fungi can be hazardous to human health if they are inhaled, ingested or simply come in contact with the skin. In fact, chronic exposure to certain types of micro-organisms may seriously irritate and inflame lungs. Some fungi can cause skin and eye irritations and infections. Prolonged exposure to active mold in an enclosed area, such as a building, can damage the lungs, mucous membrane, cornea, respiratory tract, stomach, intestines and skin. In more severe cases of contamination, it is entirely possible for a building to be rendered uninhabitable until remediation is assured.

We are specialists in toxic mold remediation. Our project teams are composed of professionals who undergo continuous training and are certified by several of the leading national indoor air quality organizations. We work closely with universities and several highly respected research facilities. In addition to the standard industry arsenal of chemical decontaminates, we have acquired an exclusive license in North America for highly effective biodegradable products that decontaminate anthrax, toxic mold and other pathogens while leaving no toxic residue behind. We also utilize robots, fiber optic imaging and several, specially designed, chemical delivery systems to remediate toxic mold.

Toxic mold creates unsafe indoor air quality throughout your facility. Our experts can identify and eliminate microbial reservoirs and amplification sites within your building. We are available for standard and emergency service, nationally, 24 hours a day, throughout the year. We can also help you prevent future growth of organisms on all surfaces within your building envelope, eliminate odors, reduce employee complaints about air quality and create a safer indoor environment.

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