Corporate Glass Recycling Program

Pallet-Track System

This system utilizes state-of-the-art bar coding technology to monitor pallet production, quality, inventory and the efficiency of the workforce.

Custom Pallet Repair Program

  1. Removal of all pallets from your facility.
  2. Sort Pallets which need no repair and meet your specs.
  3. Repair broken pallets to meet your specs.
  4. Replace the pallets that do not meet your specs.
  5. Dispose of odd sized or badly broken pallets.

Automatic Delivery Schedules

Pallet deliveries can be made based upon a pre-determined schedule. You need only call us when you do not want pallets.

Pallet Disposal Programs

We will remove your unwanted pallets and repair or recycle them into usable products with any waste being ground into landscape wood chips.

Customer Drop Shipments

Pallets can be shipped directly tocustomers or vendors regardless of what state they are located. Your vendor orcustomer can purchase pallets from us to ship directly to you.

Custom Sized Pallets (New or Combo)

Aproperly designed pallet saves time, money and increases productivity.Pallets can be built to meet your specific needs. We can provide any size andtype pallet you may require. All remanufactured pallets are produced usingrecycled lumber and builtto your custom specs.

Tell Us Your Needs

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