Gianco Waste Management Systems


An environmentally friendly product
90% less weight, 80% less space required, Faster absorption time, Non-leaching
Non-cancer causing
No silica
A better functioning product
Users job made easier, Reduces vapors, Indefinite shelf life
More versatile
325+ liquids and chemicals
Broadens HazMat response abilities
More affordable up front
30% cheaper on average
More efficient for disposal
Saves greatly on disposal costs, Landfill life extended
Greatly reduces strain on people and equipment
Less injuries, Less wear-and-tear on vehicles, More space available
Reduces all carbon footprints
Less transportation costs, Good for industry, Good for government, Good for military operations
Recoverable energy
Can be incinerated 13,000 BTUs per pound, Less than 1% ash content, Ideal for Waste to Energy facilities Waste becomes recoverable energy, Landfill life extended indefinitely

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Gianco Waste Management Systems