GIANCO is once again proud to bring to you the Bio-X2, a revolutionary, patent-pending waste removal system that washes literally tons of food waste safely down the drain.

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    Hauling Trash to the Curb is Finally a Thing of the Past.

    The Bio-X2 solves most of your waste disposal issues, while allowing your organization to actively protect the environment

  • Reduces the frequent need for exterminators and costs for trash removal by 30-70 percent
  • Puts an end to trash-related odors and pests
  • Eliminates the need for expensive garbage bags
  • Reduces the number of work-related injuries that result from carrying heavy food waste to the curb or dumpster
  • Removes food-related trash from regular garbage pickups, keeping local streets and sidewalks clean
  • Minimizes the amount of waste dumped into landfills
  • Lowers the number of garbage trucks on streets, highways, and bridges

For every 35 Bio-X2 machines in operation,
one garbage truck is taken off the road.

For every 1500 lb. machine in operation,
there is one less trailer going to the landfill monthly.

For more info email info@gianco.com or call (631) 952-9900 ext 13

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