GIANCO is once again proud to bring to you the Bio-X2, a revolutionary, patent-pending waste removal system that washes literally tons of food waste safely down the drain.

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The Bio-X2 is available in 400 lb., 800 lb., 1,200 lb., and 1,500 lb., units to meet the needs of any size commercial or nonprofit business. Its compact design fits into every commercial environment; stainless steel construction coordinates with existing kitchen equipment.
150 lb. unit available SOON

Capacity 400 - 1500 lbs/day
Dimension (inches) W- 42.9"
L- 33.9"
H- 38.9"
Gross Weight 683.4 lbs
Electrical Phase 3 Phase AC 220V 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Electrical Usage 1.7kw
Motor P. Consumption 2kw
Water Supply Pipe 15A
Drain Pipe 50A
Bio Chip Usage 15L / 3mo
M.O Usage 30cc/mo
Deodorizer Capacity 5.5 L
Deodorizer Usage 6-7L/mo


All models include three-year warranty for parts and labor; comprehensive service and technical support available through the manufacturer.

For more info email info@gianco.com or call (631) 952-9900 ext 13

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